Lazy B Chuckwagon Dinner

★ Beef Brisket ★ Pulled Pork ★ Cowboy Beans
★ Biscuit ★ Hot Potato ★ Cold Peach ★ Brownie
★ Lemonade ★ Coffee

Vegetarian and gluten free options available with advance request

Wagon Wheel Bar

Beer  $3 + $5

Silver Bullet (Coors Light)
Cowboy Banquet (Coors)
Stinger Wild Honey — Wheat Ale
Estes Park Gold — Medium Ale

Wine   $5

Cowboy Cabernet
Back in the Saddle Pinot Noir
Annie Oakley Chardonnay
Calamity Jane Pinot Grigio

Spirits of the West    $7

Pecos Bill Margarita
Lone Ranger — Jack Daniels Whiskey
Geronimo — Estes Park Elkins Whiskey
Miss Kitty — Gin & Tonic

Non-Alcoholic  $2

Gene Autry — Root Beer, grenadine & lime
Roy Rogers — Coke, grenadine & lime
Dale Evans — Sprite, grenadine & a cherry
Straight Soda — Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer

Cash Bar    Prices Include Tax